Touching the future.

Recipe for success

“Perhaps more than any other element of robotic development in warehousing and distribution, the end-of-arm tooling, or gripper, is the place that can make or break a robot's success.”

(Modern Materials Handling, March 2015)

Industry needs

“About 80% of industrial applications aren’t implemented because the robot doesn’t have the basic capabilities needed.”

(ABB engineer)

Green fields

Kitting, bin picking, packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, material handling, machine tending, logistics, fruit/vegetable harvesting, seed planting – the opportunities are wide.

The “Last Mile”

Tactile perception is the missing component, “the last mile,” for building useful robots. Without it, robots cannot perform basic human-like tasks needed across industries. At Robot Rebuilt, we stand robotics on its head. We redesign robots starting from the fingertip and working back, adapting all the algorithmic, perceptual, and control factors needed to succeed. Our robots befriend reality, rather than fighting to make it match some programmer's expectations: “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”

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A complete solution

Integrate algorithms, arm, hand, and tactile sensors.

A sure solution

Grasp is confirmed. Compliance and control avoids damaging manipulated objects.

A working solution

Tactile perception and force feedback are not optional – just try doing any engineering work wearing an oven mitt.

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